The Company

Analog & Digital Instrumentation established in the year 1978 by a team of electronic engineers, A/D/I has grown to be recognized as a leading source of high quality precision instruments for vital industrial applications. Continuous development and quality control with the latest testing methods have resulted in a range of products unmatched for their performance and reliability.


In-house facilities for complete manufacturing & testing include the finest precision electronics instruments for all parameters and calibration, and a controlled environment chamber. This setup is constancy updated to keep pace with advancing technology.

Manufacturing Programme

The ADI range covers the simplest non-indicating controllers to the most sophisticated microprocessor based multichannel multifunction data logging systems. This is backed by accessories like sensors and compensating cable, standard instruments like DPMs for various applications, portable Thermometer, Thermocouple/RTO simulators also fall in the regular production schedule.

Quality control

For testing of bare components, sub-assemblies and finished products extremely strict standards are adhered to repeated checking of characteristics and performance at all important stages and individual testing of sub and final assemblies for an 8 hours "burn" test at 55° C and 50 hours of "run" test at ambient temperature are standard procedures. In addition to this, we regularly avail of the test facilities at National Physical Laboratory New Delhi and E.T.D.C. Baroda.
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